We are a real estate marketing company in Istanbul and we are very experienced in e-marketing of the best properties through social media. We offer a full range of real estate services, guiding you through the entire process of choosing the right properties, introducing you to the best projects Turkey has to offer, helping you in investing, and guiding you through the citizenship process. We offer a full range of after-sales services as well.

Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our customers, earning their trust and credibility by providing excellent investor advice while negotiating on your behalf with the developers and sales offices of the projects. We are always working hard to provide added value to our relationships. Our long-term goal is to increase the company’s presence in the global real estate market and become a trusted brand with many happy customers and business relationships.

Turkey’s robust and lively real estate sector is waiting for your investment. Don’t hesitate to invest in the strongest sector of the Turkish economy which has proven time and time again to be profitable over the last decades. Join us in helping you find your dream house in the beautiful country of Turkey.


Our vision:

We are looking forward to becoming the best-known brand in the Turkish real estate market. We are highly flexible, loyal in our relationships, and performance-driven in our efforts to become the best!


Our Goals:

Reaturk will be known for respectable business, always aiming to provide added value in our relationships and looking for long-term cooperation with our esteemed partners.


Turkey’s giant projects

One of the encouraging things about investment in Turkish real estate is the huge projects that are supported by the Turkish government. Large infrastructure projects finish on a regular basis, making your investment appreciate in value! Some of these projects are:

  • The Istanbul Finance Center
  • The Istanbul Airport
  • The Istanbul Canal Project
  • Metro Stations

Istanbul has grown enormously over the last decades, drawing in people from all over the world who want a piece of the only city that straddles two continents. The Marmara Project, Eurasia Tunnel Project, Third Bosphorus Bridge, Northern Marmara Highway, are just examples of the large-scale infrastructure projects finished in Istanbul, driving the appreciation of the properties in the area. The huge demand for luxury apartments makes investing in Istanbul a very profitable business. Don’t miss out on the potential for huge ROI and living in a city full of life!

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