Aquire the Turkish Citizenship via Bank Deposit

You can simply deposit 500.000,00 USD or equivalent in another approved currency for 3 years, earn profits from your deposit, and immediately apply for eligibility to acquire the Turkish Citizenship for you and your family.


Current Profit Share Rate

As of December, 2020 the profit on deposits made in Turkish Lira is around 17% (Before bank share cut and taxes. This rate is changeable and may go up or down).

Yes, you heard that right. You deposit your money, you earn a profit and you earn a Citizenship.

Dynamic Banking System

With a total of 48 banks, with more than 10,000 branches in Turkey and 70 branches abroad, Turkey have one of the best banking systems in the world.

Highly advanced, dynamic and secure banking system that has been developing in a smart and clever way swiftly adapting to various regional and international challenges.

The banking sector in Turkey has achieved several quantum leaps in the past 3 decades, and now with the plans to become a center for Islamic Financing, the participation banking system with the Sukuk certificates, investors have the chance to enter the most secure, reliable and profitable banking investment system in the market.

Our Special Services in This Area

We will assist you in opening a bank account in one of the best participation banks in Turkey. Contact Us for more details.

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